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The family and systemic constellation is special in the ability to initiate stuck processes, sometimes in a single meeting, and provide surprising relief in issues that seemed complicated and complex. In the workshop we will touch on the principles of the constellation and experience the experience itself.

Procrastination, the tendency to put things off until later, is a bad name for a phenomenon that is altogether human, familiar, sometimes comforting and often full of guilt and fear.


why is it happening? Is it possible to eliminate procrastination and perhaps actually work with it in cooperation? 

In this workshop we will examine our relationship with procrastination, find out what it actually asks of us and learn the principles of the family constellation method


Some of us have a chosen family, physical or imaginary or both. These are those friends and acquaintances who surround us and feel like a brother, aunt, mother or grandfather with whom we are allowed to talk about who we are and be as we are.

As in any family, there are siblings we haven't met in years and uncles we miss and are no longer with us.

With the help of the family constellation method we enter a field beyond time and place, we will collect our chosen families and give them recognition and movement.

In eight sessions of group work we will learn practically about the challenges and systems in which we live and find different ways to create a healing movement in them through the family constellation. Led by Galia Ovadia and Or Gilat.

Each meeting includes an introduction to the principles of the family constellation, practicing the method and a full session for one of the participants.


Brothers and sisters is often a complicated subject.

As often as it is a complicated subject, it is often left aside. After that.

In this constellation workshop we will examine together the fascinating and neglected field of sisterhood and we will also learn what the family constellation method is.

Moran Rosenthal, guide for development through improvisational consciousness in the 'language of the moment', and Or Gilat, constellation guide and emotional therapist, invite you to give space to your expression in a safe environment, where curiosity and investigation will lead us to notice old patterns, point to their source and allow a new movement to arrive._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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