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Constellation times

A family constellation with Galit Ovadia and Or Gilat

8 meetings 29.7-16.9 | beach

In the family constellation method, we and the challenges in our lives are part of a family, social and historical system. 

With the help of a unique process of experience, the constellation makes it possible to locate the systemic causes and traumas from which those challenges arise. The approach is based on experiential work that treats the system itself and can bring recognition, release, movement and healing in places that were hidden and blocked.


In eight sessions of group work we will learn practically about the challenges and systems in which we live and find different ways to create a healing movement in them through the family constellation.

Each meeting includes an introduction to the principles of the family constellation, practicing the method and a full session for one of the participants.

  • Eight sessions - eight participants
  • Fridays  9:30-13:00
  • Starting on 29.7.22
  • Beach (Beit Yanai Interchange)
  • Price 1200 NIS
The order of the meetings(topics may change)

Registration for the workshop is closed


For more information and questions
light058-461-3944 |Goliath050-998-8285


Galit Ovadia

Constellation presenter on behalf of the schoolthrough the constellation,Water handler("Watsu") and a facilitator in a close communication approach.
PhD student in neuroscience.
Master's degree in the genetics of mental illnesses.


You discovered light

Constellation facilitator on behalf of the schoolthrough the constellation. Naturopath and emotional therapist with shiatsu  and herbs.Clinics in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Trying to live life to the fullest.

Research master's degree in conflict resolution and public policy.

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