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Chosen family

Queer family - an experiential workshop

A second before Passover, a family constellation workshop for our chosen families.
Every has a chosen family, physical or imaginary or both.

Often also more than one chosen family.
These are the figures that surround us and feel like sisters and brothers, mother and father, grandparents with whom we are allowed to talk about who we are and be who we are.
As in any family, there are siblings we haven't met in years and uncles we miss and are no longer with us.
With the help of a family constellation we enter a field beyond time and place, we will collect our chosen families and give them recognition and movement.


Thursday, 14.4.22, 19:00-21:30

Location: Tel Aviv center [address will be sent to registrants]
Guiding and flowinglightandBosco
Full price: 80 NIS
Reduced price: 50 NIS
Community support price: 120 NIS
In keeping with our family tradition, no one will be left out because of a financial challenge. Talk to us.

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