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Orr Guilat, naturopath and emotional therapist

ND Naturopath, Senior Shiatsu Therapist and Clinical Herbalist 
Systemic and Family Constellations Facilitstor
Lecturer and workshop Facilitator 

M.A. in Public Policy - Conflict Resolution and Mediation, TAU

15 years of professional experience

Orr Guilat

Whole treatment
Emotional, Mental, and Physical Balance

Hello, I'm Orr Guilat, a naturopath and emotional therapist specializing in Shiatsu and medicinal herbs.


Emotional or physical difficulties often present opportunities to start living a fuller, better life. By delving into the forgotten parts of our soul where we've hidden painful experiences, we can begin to heal. Our body reveals the source of pain, and our mind knows its story. Attentive and supportive listening can improve both body and mind.


Over the last 15 years, I've accompanied hundreds of healing journeys, helping many overcome challenging periods and find greater freedom, stability, and self-awareness. If you need empathetic and wise support during such a process, I'd be honored to help.


To provide tailored support, I utilize various tools, including Shiatsu, which combines body and mind, customized herbal formulas, nutritional balancing, and family and systemic constellations.


  • Carcur College: Naturopath, Clinical Herbalist, and Shiatsu Expert Practitioner

  • Constellations Path School: Systemic & Family Constellations Facilitator

  • Reter College: NLP Facilitator

  • Wat Pho, Bangkok: Medical Thai Massage Therapist

  • M.A. (Research) - Public Policy, Conflict Resolution and Mediation, Tel-Aviv University

  • B.A. with Distinction, Criminology, Emek Yezreel Academic College

המשך קריאה
שיטות הטיפול

Systemic & Family Constellations

An emotional work method that brings relief and movement in areas of burden and stagnation. One-time session or a series of meetings.


Customized herbal formulas tailored to the patient's needs, provided as capsules, syrup, or liquid extract, typically taken daily over a fixed period.


Touch therapy based on Chinese medicine principles, combining pressure, stretching, and body movement to alleviate pain and various chronic conditions.

 Naturopathic Emotional Therapy

A therapy addressing physical or mental difficulties through the world of emotions. Customized herbal formulas and nutritional balancing are often integrated as needed.

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