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About sisters and brothers
An experiential workshop using the family constellation method

Thursday, 5.1.23 | 18:00-21:00 | Haifa

Brothers and SistersThey are usually our oldest companions on earth. They are the first for play, friendship and terrible fights. More than parents, more than spouses and even more than the best friend or girlfriend. Relationships that can start in childhood, and go through adolescence and adulthood. 

Those who grew up with a brother or sister learned with them how to ask and receive, how to walk away and how to tell about our lives. The complicated craft of friendship is learned in the sweatshops of the sisterhood. 

But wait, who am I and what is a constellation?

My name is Or, and I have been an emotional therapist for 17 years.

In recent years, my experience with the family and systemic constellation method has deepened. This method is special   in the possibility of starting stuck processes, sometimes in a single session, and providing surprising relief in issues that seemed complicated and complex.


The constellation methodSees the source of our challenges and difficulties, in the family and social systems we were born into. Principles such as 'intergenerational transmission' and 'collective subconscious' allow us to see complex problems in our lives in a different light and difficulties that seemed complex are alleviated. The experience of participating in a constellation is surprising (and in the workshop you will see why) and accurate, and shows us how much we are all part of one system. 

The family constellation recognizes the important place ofBrothers and Sistersin our lives and even in their central role in our self-definition. Relationships between brothers and sisters affect our agenda, sometimes more than we realize and unresolved and unclear matters in front of them can affect us and future generations (yes, even with a sister we haven't spoken to in years). Just as unresolved issues, animosity and longing between brothers and sisters in previous generations can affect us.


In the upcoming meeting we will devote three hours to getting to know the family constellation through an experiential examination of the topic of sisterhood in a workshop of practices and close guidance. 


Everyone is welcome and invited.


A place for singing, Sirkin 5, Haifa

Thursday, 5.1.22

18:00 to 21:00

  • Thursday, 5.1.22
  • 18:00-21:00
  • A place for singing, Sirkin 5, Haifa
  • 200 NIS
  • Registration required (the number of places is limited)

Registration for the workshop is closed


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Constellation guide on behalf of the school through Constellation. Naturopath, herbalist and shiatsu therapist. accompanies deep emotional processes bClinics in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

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