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My Queer Legacy

My Queer Legacy

 Special online Systemic Family Constellation Workshop for Pride Month

We all belong to various family trees: our biological family tree, our chosen family tree, our cultural tree, our societal tree, our work tree…
Together, they form a vast and intricate forest.

Within this forest, we might sometimes feel unseen, unwelcome, or challenged in our ability to express our unique spirit.
These feelings can leave us questioning our place and belonging.

In our upcoming ‘family & systemic constellations’ workshop, we offer a fresh perspective on two significant trees in this forest: our biological family tree and our Queer family tree.
We will explore the roots of these two heritages while revealing the potential for deep acceptance that lies within them .


Join us on this journey as we seek to find our place within this forest, celebrating our individuality and honoring our sense of belonging and identity.


workshop for all the colors of the Queer spectrum

Led by Orr Guilat and Neta Artzi, who have been exploring Queer experiences in themselves and in surrounding systems for over 40 years.

We are excited to bring the tool of family & systemic constellations to the LGBTQ+ and Queer community and discover the gifts it has for us.


We will meet on-line

Monday 17.6.24

UTC 16:00-19:00  |  Lisbon 17:00-20:00  |  Haifa 19:00-22:00

exchange: € 20-30 sliding scale

Join My Queer Legacy Online Journey

17.6.24 UTC 16:00  |  Lisbon 17:00  |  Haifa 19:00

Admission fee for this workshop is sliding scale: €20-30


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