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A place for expression

Improvisational consciousness and family constellation

Thursday 16.3.23 |  18:00-21:00 | Haifa

the impulseto express myself, to show me as I am, to be understood, motivates us from childhood.  In long studies, through trial and error or acceptance and rejection, some kind of skill is acquired, to express or silence what goes on inside and wants to come out._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


The parents, our first teachers in this important field, teach only what they themselves have learned. The  walls they encountered and blocked their expression, they transfer to us.Generations upon generations of parents instill in us the mechanisms of expression and concealment they developed for themselves. This, for example, happens when one of us is talking to his partner and somehow it seems to him that he is actually talking to his partner's father. 


The ability to express ourselves honestly in relationships, beyond the familiar patterns of communication, to find new ways of expression and to give recognition to our needs and desires in a clear way takes us out of the meandering ways of expression that we have inherited and acquired and allows us to be fully present, bright and curious. 

The awareness of improvisation in the 'language of the moment' allows one to observe habits and choose new ways of responding in movement with voice and words. The family constellation method offers recognition of intergenerational patterns and enables movement where there are disruptions. Together, both methods will allow usTo notice old patterns, point to their source and allow new movement to flow through the body itself. 


Moran Rosenthal, guide for development through the consciousness of improvisation in the 'language of the moment', and Or Gilat, constellation guide and emotional therapist, invite you to give space to your expression in a safe environment, where curiosity and investigation will lead us to notice old patterns, point to their source and allow a new movement to flow._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_


You and yours are invited to join us 

  • Thursday | 16.3.23
  • 18:00-21:00
  • Sirkin 5, Haifa
  • 150 NIS
  • Registration required (the number of places is limited)

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You discovered light

Constellation instructor on behalf of the Constellation Way school. Naturopath, herbalist and shiatsu therapist. Accompanying deep emotional processes in clinics in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

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Moran Rosenthal

A guide for development through the consciousness of improvisation in presence and expression in the 'language of the moment'. Emotional therapist MA in conversation, expression and creativity, drama therapy. Accompanying emotional processes at a clinic in Haifa

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