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 Emotional Therapy and Naturopathy

The link between stress and fatigue with headaches and tense muscles is well-known to many, as is the onset of a cold just when one begins a holiday, allowing the body to relax slightly from the usual tension. The relationship between the body, emotions, and mind in a health context is well-established and a daily occurrence, but it's often seen as a nuisance to be pushed aside. When the distress refuses to dissipate or even worsens, it's typically the time when people seek therapy for assistance.


This is the stage at which I receive enquiries at my clinic – lower back pain, frozen shoulder, aching knee, or unexplained skin rash. And there are times when emotional and mental states contribute to the development of more complex syndromes, such as digestive system inflammations, allergies, skin eczema, high blood pressure, and other difficulties.


Naturopathic therapy considers the body and mind as a complex network of interconnected components. The treatment focuses on the interaction between the body and mind, addressing both physical and emotional or mental difficulties. Addressing the emotional factors of physical problems can broaden and stabilize the healing process over a longer period.


Training in naturopathy takes several years and involves specialization in various therapeutic methods that relate to the body, mind, and their interactions. Combining these methods allows for a comprehensive treatment that may include a personalized herbal formula, nutritional balance, hands-on therapies like Shiatsu, and addressing the relationships between the body and mind, that is, the emotional world.


Naturopathic therapy is suitable for a variety of challenges, ranging from chronic physical pain to mental and emotional difficulties associated with life changes.


Shiatsu: The Healing Power of Touch

Immerse yourself in Shiatsu, a rejuvenating therapy performed fully-clothed on comfortable Shiatsu mats. This therapy applies a combination of pressure, stretching, and body movements, using fingers, palms, forearms, elbows, knees and feet. Following a comprehensive consultation based on Chinese medicine principles, Shiatsu sessions are tailored to suit your needs, addressing a range of conditions from muscular and skeletal pain to attention disorders and digestive issues.


At the heart of Shiatsu is touch, a powerful tool that uncovers pain, energy blockages, and deficiencies, while determining the perfect pace for treatment. The work aims to balance your body's energy flow, muscles, and nervous system, inviting you to actively participate in your own healing journey.


Safe touch is essential in Shiatsu, relieves painfostering trust, alleviating stress and anxiety, and promoting a sense of control over our body. The therapist's touch enables an understanding of your body's needs, rigidity, flexibility, and tension, guiding the therapy accordingly. By establishing and respecting boundaries, Shiatsu creates a secure environment for you to learn, adapt, and connect with your body on a deeper level.


My clinic thoughtfully incorporates touch therapy based on each client's individual needs and preferences, either as a standalone treatment or complementing broader naturopathic approaches. Experience the transformative power of Shiatsu and enhance your well-being today.

Herbal Remedy

Since the dawn of human existence, the use of plants for healing has been a part of our history. This knowledge has accumulated over time in various regions worldwide, leading to healing traditions and plant-based treatment protocols in both Eastern and Western medicine. Today, this knowledge serves as the foundation for advanced medical research, benefiting traditional herbal practitioners and the pharmaceutical industry alike.


A personalized herbal formula can provide support for various conditions. In my clinic, I frequently encounter premenstrual syndrome, hormonal imbalances, attention and concentration disorders, anxiety, OCD, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, sleep disturbances, chronic stress, and mood disorders.


Treatment with herbal medicine begins by examining the patient's condition, medical history, lifestyle, and additional tests. The information gathered is then combined with traditional knowledge and current research, allowing me to tailor an herbal formula to the patient's needs. The formula is typically administered as capsules, syrup, or liquid extract and taken daily for a predetermined period.


Herbal treatment often accompanies a naturopathic therapeutic process, which addresses the emotional aspect of physical symptoms. However, herbal therapy can sometimes be limited to an initial consultation, formula adaptation, and periodic follow-up appointments.


It's essential to remember that consulting with an herbal medicine practitioner should not replace consultation with a doctor. For any medical questions, patients should always consult their primary care physician

Family Constellatons

Systemic and Family Constellations: A Creative and Healing Approach

Systemic and Family Constellations is an emotional healing method that fosters ease and movement in areas where we may feel stuck or burdened.

It is based on the idea that each of us is part of a broader social system - including our family, workplace, community, and beyond - and that we both influence and are influenced by these systems. Our pain, problems, or difficulties can stem not only from our personal life stories, but also from the interconnected personal and collective stories within the social system in which we have grown and developed, spanning across generations.


Constellations is a creative process that allows us to give voice to these entwined parts, distinguish them from our personal stories, identify the places where they become entangled, and begin to unravel the knot. This "sorting" enables new movement and growth.


Drawing from psychology, Western and Eastern philosophies, and traditional African cultures, Systemic Constellations is a relatively new tool in the field of emotional therapy. Key principles include the concept of transference and countertransference in psychology, phenomenological perspectives, and Taoist approaches.


I believe that Systemic Constellations enables us to enter our unconscious realm, reside there for a while, allowing communication and healing work to take place, and then return to our conscious awareness.


As a certified Constellations facilitator, I facilitate workshopd as well as personalized sessions, either in individual or group settings with volunteer representatives.

During a session, the client's reason for seeking help is briefly presented, and through an experiential process, the relevant parts of the client's system are acknowledged and given a chance to express themselves. Parts that have deviated from their rightful place are returned, creating space for movement and change within the entire system, and consequently, within the client's life.

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